Contra Returns Finally Hits iOS & Android

Zachary Kandell / 27 Jul 2021

Contra Returns Finally Hits iOS & Android image

Great news for the fans of true classics. Contra Returns, a remake of one of the most celebrated retro action games, is already out on mobile! You can download the upgraded version of the game by TiMi Studio (Call of Duty Mobile, Arena of Valor) on the App Store and Google Play for free with in-app purchases that don’t affect the gameplay. 

What’s New? 

Although the game was announced as an enhancement of the original arcade, it’s actually a fully reimagined experience. Get ready for loads of new stuff in the good old side-scrolling platformer wrapper that we all love so much. The revamped title includes over 200 levels and a bunch of extra HD-rendered classic levels optimized for touchscreens. 

This time, your heroes are fully customizable and can carry dozens of new superb firearms and various legion systems. Both means of mass elimination are extremely handy when you encounter hordes of blood-starving alien invading forces. 

You can also challenge your skills in the new game modes, including the tough One-life mode. It lets you check how long you can survive in the classic Contra with just a single life. Other modes let you experience co-op, team, and PvP gameplay in different variations and difficulty levels. Isn’t that exciting? 

Iceberg Peak

That was just a small part of the improvements, so you should hurry up to download the game to see its actual excellence with your own eyes. All the content is available for free along with a bunch of paid player upgrades that make playing even more exciting. We’ve been waiting for Contra Returns to go beyond the Chinese market since 2017, and it’s finally here!

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