Can Someone Repeat the Success of Pokémon Go?

Shari Lynn Kramer / 10 Nov 2021

Can Someone Repeat the Success of Pokémon Go? image

It seems that it’s almost impossible to create a game like Pokémon Go. The success of this game is one of a kind, and its release was nothing short of explosive, which further led to its viral popularity across the world. After its launch in 2016, the game got installed on almost every gamer’s mobile device. After reaching its peak as one of the most downloadable games in the App Store, up to this day, Pokémon Go continues to be at the very top of the charts.

Today, many virtual game developers like Niantic aim to create similar games, striving to repeat the success of Pokemon Go. Although, most of the attempts to compete with the legend had faced an utter fiasco. Some of the recent releases include games, such as Catan: Settlers, Minecraft Earth from Microsoft, the Witcher, and Harry Potter: Wizards Unite, released back in 2019, but almost all of them could be merely called unsuccessful replicas of the original.

The mobile game developers have been trying to use the same formula of Pokemon go, trying to bring its essence into the virtual realities of their new AR games. And it didn’t work out even with Harry Potter and his worldwide popularity. The newborn games don’t have the same level of holding one’s attention. Even this simple reason is enough for shutting down most of the recently created games.

There is something that makes Pokemon Go very special. Perhaps we can explain the success of Pokemon Go in simple words: it’s like a genial piece of art, a combination of perfectly fitting elements, which, unfortunately, will never be recreated in the near future.

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