Bravely Default fans can expect new "developments" about the series "later this year"

Lindsay Robertson / 28 Feb 2024

Bravely Default fans can expect new "developments" about the series "later this year" image

Three years have gone by since the release of Bravely Default 2, and Tomoya Asano has prepared an exciting tease for the game's fans - promising that more information regarding the future of the franchise will be shared within the year. In a special anniversary celebration, Asano expressed gratitude towards the fans through a social media post featuring celebratory artwork, indicating that they should stay tuned for upcoming "developments" related to the series.

Asano hinted at future announcements about the Bravely series, encouraging fans to keep an eye out for them. Additionally, in honor of the anniversary, players have the opportunity to purchase Bravely Default 2 at a 50% discount from its standard retail price. Although the discount might not yet be visible on the UK's Switch and Steam stores, it's expected to apply on the anniversary date, February 26th.

Reflecting on the game's review when it first launched, Martin had mixed feelings about its impact. He appreciated the more subdued tone compared to Bravely Second, aligning closer with the original game. However, he felt the game's reliance on well-known tropes did not captivate him, and the English voice acting's attempt to mirror Dragon Quest's diverse regional accents did not meet his expectations. Fortunately, the option for Japanese voice acting was available. Despite these critiques, Martin acknowledged that his interest in JRPGs usually leans towards their gameplay mechanics - an aspect where Bravely Default 2 shines, offering an engaging experience for fans of the genre.

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