Apple iOS 15 Missing Some New Features

Shari Lynn Kramer / 22 Sep 2021

Apple iOS 15 Missing Some New Features image

The long-awaited iOS 15 and iPadOS 15 update is finally available to all Apple users. Both software updates are ready to be installed on your iPhone and iPad, but as it has turned out, a fairly large number of functions have never made it to the final version. For example, this relates to SharePlay, Universal Control, AirPod enhancements, and more. Let's find out what is missing with this update.

What We’ve Been Waiting For

For many, the most notable problem was the lack of SharePlay. The company warned about the delay in the last release, but this also affected other upcoming updates. This feature allows you to expand the capabilities of FaceTime, making it possible to watch videos and listen to music with friends while talking. Also, group workouts for Fitness Plus are on hold until SharePlay is released.

Let's summarize what we expected from the In-App Events feature for the App Store. The option involves viewing in-game events, live video streams, and other useful functions. All the features expected this spring are marked with an asterisk.

What else can you expect from this update? According to the latest WWDC, an improved version of the Find My feature for AirPods was supposed to allow connecting the earbuds to the network. Therefore, AirPods Pro and Max models will be easier to find even if they are not physically with you. For many users, this is a lifesaver function as earbuds are very easy to lose on a busy day. 

iPad Did Not Stand Aside

Universal Control was planned for the iPad, which makes it share the cursor between Mac and iPad. However, device owners will have to wait because this feature requires the unreleased macOS Monterey. These two functions might come for future devices, namely the MacBook Pro and AirPods.

Though all of these unreleased features await us in the future, releasing a long-expected iOS for their Apple devices was still a frustrating moment for many. What do you think about this update? Leave your thoughts below and share the article with your friends if you liked it!

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