A Contract With Rock Band Creators Will Bring New Sound to Fortnite

Shari Lynn Kramer / 24 Nov 2021

A Contract With Rock Band Creators Will Bring New Sound to Fortnite image

Epic Games keeps surprising us with new features. This time the company signed a contract with Rock Band developer Harmonix.

The chairman and co-founder of Harmonix, Alex Rigopulos is very inspired by this deal. It will allow his company to expand and bring new music sounding to the game, making the interactions within it even more interesting. The players will be given exciting opportunities to enjoy and create their own music.

Harmonix will still work on their most popular game Rock Band by producing new content and will help broaden and deepen the musical experience for Fortnite, the most profitable Epic Games project. The company also stated that its products will stay on Steam, instead of being added to Epic Games Store, and all of the servers will remain available.

As with other multiple crossovers with shows, games, and movies, Epic Games keeps on getting its positions strengthened on the market. In 2019 the company added Rocket League to the Epic Games Store and signed the creators of Fall Guys this March, this one though stayed on Steam.

Music is already a big part of Fortnite, which lets players from all around the world connect and make a new experience. Global concerts have brought huge attention to the company and become an important feature of the game. Vice president of Epic Games Alain Tascan is very glad to acquire Harmonix, as this deal will bring a completely new way of using music in the game, giving players the main role in developing the sounds surrounding them.

Epic Games has already reached a worth of billions of dollars over the last years, so this addition to the company has been expected. It is still unclear, what role will Harmonix play in the creation of the Fortnite world.

How do you think this deal will benefit Epic Games? What do you expect Harmonix to bring into Fortnite? Share your ideas in the comments below.

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