Mastering the Art of Capitale Acquisition in Red Dead Online

Shari Lynn Kramer / 01 May 2023

Mastering the Art of Capitale Acquisition in Red Dead Online image

Red Dead Online is all about the immersive Wild West experience, and Capitale is an important part of it. In order to make the most of opportunities and participate in various activities, players need to acquire this valuable currency. This comprehensive guide will teach you the best ways to get Capitale and how to use it effectively in Red Dead Online.

1. The Best Way To Earn Capitale: Blood Money Opportunities

Blood Money Opportunities are missions offered by Guido Martelli, a crime boss who seeks individuals with a penchant for criminal activities. These missions are perfect for acquiring Capitale and can be accessed through various contacts across the game world. To begin with, talk to Anthony Foreman, James Langton, or Sean MacGuire in any of their respective locations.

Upon accepting a Blood Money Opportunity, you'll be tasked with various criminal activities such as stagecoach hold-ups or other illicit jobs. Completing these missions will earn you a considerable amount of Capitale.

2. Other Capitale-Earning Options: Crimes and Homestead Robberies

Aside from Blood Money Opportunities, players can also gain Capitale by participating in Crimes and Homestead Robberies. These activities are smaller-scale criminal endeavors that still offer valuable rewards.

Crimes can be accessed through any Free Roam mission giver or directly from the main menu under "Quick Join." Robberies require an invitation from one of your contacts; keep an eye on your mailbox for these lucrative opportunities.

During these missions, players should search for hidden containers or loot bodies of fallen enemies to find additional stashes of Capitale.

Capitale Earning Options Crimes and Homestead Robberies

3. Participating in PvP Modes

As a last resort to earning Capitale, players can also participate in PvP modes such as Call to Arms or Showdown Series events found under "Quick Join" on the main menu. While PvP modes don't guarantee Capitale as a reward, there's a chance to earn small amounts of this currency for your efforts.

4. Participate in Free Roam Events

Another way to earn Capitale is by participating in Free Roam Events that occur periodically throughout the game world. These events are open-world activities that any player can join without starting a specific mission or questline.

Some Free Roam Events, like "Fool's Gold" and "King of the Castle," have a chance of rewarding Capitale upon completion. Participating in these events not only gives you an opportunity to earn Capitale but also provides a fun and engaging way to interact with other players in the game world.

5. Buy Capitale from Fences

If you're looking for a more direct approach to obtaining Capitale, you can opt to purchase it from Fences found throughout the game world. Fences are shady merchants who deal in stolen goods and other illicit items.

To buy Capitale from a Fence, simply approach any of the following Fence locations:

  • Emerald Ranch
  • Saint Denis
  • Rhodes
  • Van Horn Trading Post

Interact with the Fence and select the option to purchase Capitale using your hard-earned cash. While this method is not as cost-effective compared to earning it through missions or looting, it does provide an easy way for players with excess money to quickly stock up on Capitale.

Buy Capitale

6. Utilize Treasure Maps

Occasionally, players will receive treasure maps as rewards for ranking up or completing certain missions. These maps can lead to hidden stashes of Capitale, so be sure to follow them closely and reap the rewards.

7. Complete Daily Challenges and Events

Players should also keep an eye out for daily challenges and events that may offer Capitale as a reward. Check the game's main menu or pause screen for updates on these opportunities.

What To Do With Capitale

Now that you've amassed a significant amount of this valuable currency, it's time to put it to good use. Capitale can be spent on various items and advantages in Red Dead Online:

1. Unlock Blood Money Opportunities: The primary use for Capitale is unlocking more Blood Money Opportunities, which in turn leads to greater rewards and further opportunities.

2. Purchase Outlaw Pass: The Outlaw Pass is an ongoing progression system that offers exclusive cosmetics, weapons, and other in-game items as you rank up. Players can spend their hard-earned Capitale on these passes to enhance their gaming experience.

3. Invest in Camp Upgrades: Improve your camp by investing in upgrades such as tents, fast travel posts, or stew pots that provide passive benefits like increased health regeneration or access to better quality food.

In conclusion, mastering the art of acquiring and utilizing Capitale is crucial for success in Red Dead Online. By following the tips outlined in this guide, players will be well-equipped with ample amounts of this valuable currency and ready to take on the Wild West!

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