Mastering Chiori in Genshin Impact: Strategic Team Compositions for Maximum Geo DPS

Shari Lynn Kramer / 17 Mar 2024

Mastering Chiori in Genshin Impact: Strategic Team Compositions for Maximum Geo DPS image

Genshin Impact's character roster is rich and diverse, offering various roles from healers to damage specialists. Chiori emerges as a solid choice for those seeking a versatile Sub-DPS Geo unit. Excelling in dealing with damage, her abilities allow her to provide consistent off-field contributions, making her an attractive option for players aiming to reinforce their teams with a sturdy Geo DPS.

Understanding Chiori's Potential

Understanding Chiori's Potential

Adopting Chiori into a squad, however, comes with a unique challenge—she is tailored exclusively for damage output, lacking supportive traits that might blend well with popular combinations like Hu Tao and Xingqiu or Itto and Gorou. The key to unlocking Chiori's full potential lies in comprehending and utilizing her fundamental mechanics, which benefit from the presence of another Geo ally capable of creating Geo constructs.

Optimal Team Composition with Geo Synergy

Chiori's synergy with fellow Geo characters is critical for enhancing her damage efficiency. A team setup that includes at least two Geo characters can fully exploit Geo Resonance, a passive that significantly enhances the performance of Geo units. Itto and C6 Gorou provide the perfect companions for Chiori, offering buffs and enhancing the team's Geo DMG. Accompanied by a Hydro enabler like Furina, this composition ensures a steady Crystallize reaction to bolster defenses, perfecting the balance between damage and durability.

Geo Resonance and Supportive Interplay

It is vital to position characters within the team to maximize their strengths. Chiori serves as a reliable Sub-DPS, with the support characters bolstering her offense capabilities and overall team performance. Itto assumes the primary DPS role, Gorou provides minor healing and crucial buffs, whereas Furina contributes as both a Sub-DPS and Hydro applicator.

Building Around Chiori's Constellations

Building Around Chiori's Constellations

Chiori's utility increases significantly upon unlocking her first Constellation, expanding her applicable team comps. In teams featuring Navia, who isn't conventionally a Geo construct creator, Chiori's C1 becomes indispensable, overcoming her limitations and enhancing Navia's damage output. Bennett's presence further augments the team's attack, creating an environment where Chiori can thrive as a Sub-DPS.

Dynamic Team Formations for Enhanced Gameplay

For players who might need access to certain characters or Constellations, Chiori remains a viable contender when paired with the likes of Ningguang. As the existence of Geo Resonance is non-negotiable, this pair's high Geo DMG, combined with Sub-DPS units providing consistent elemental applications, crafts a formidable team. Once again, the omnipresent Furina and Bennett are excellent additions that elevate main DPS characters via their substantial buffs.

Strategic Pairings with Heavy Hitters

Pivotal is in a well-rounded team, and Chiori can synergize with top-tier units like Zhongli or Albedo. Zhongli's powerful shield and debuffs, along with Albedo's impressive Geo DPS compatibility with Chiori, set the stage for any main DPS character to shine. Introducing powerhouse characters like Hu Tao and Xingqiu or Raiden and Sara can lead to overwhelming damage outputs, provided the team maintains a core of at least two Geo characters to keep the Geo Resonance alive.

Strategic Pairings


Genshin Impact continues to captivate players with its intricate character dynamics and team-building strategies. Chiori, as a pure Geo DPS, exhibits exceptional potential when carefully integrated with the right allies. By acknowledging her strengths, understanding her role in Geo Resonance, and selecting complementary characters, you can construct a team where Chiori is not just an addition but an essential cornerstone of your battle strategy.

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