YouTube Working on “Go Live Together” Feature; For Some, It’ll Come Sooner

Shari Lynn Kramer / 07 Nov 2022

YouTube Working on “Go Live Together” Feature; For Some, It’ll Come Sooner image

Streaming becomes more and more of a thing today, and YouTube, as a major streaming platform, does its best to bring more features to it. Soon, it’s going to launch a feature already familiar for those on, say, Instagram: “Go Live Together” will allow the showstarter to invite other people and make a joint stream. As usual, select creators will be invited first to test it before rolling out to everyone.

You have seen it on other platforms. The stream where the host invites someone else to the stream, and they are seen on the screen talking to each other in perfect real time, is a great way to enhance live content. On YouTube, the access to the feature will first be provided to some popular streamers, so many viewers can see how it works.

So far, only one guest at a time is allowed. Later the number may grow, though. As the host schedules and starts the stream, the guest needs to confirm their readiness by clicking the invite and then spend some time in the waiting room until the host invites them by tapping the “Go Live” button. As for special effects like filters and backgrounds, they may be the responsibility of both the host and the guest. The ad revenue, if there’s any, goes solely to the host. On the guest’s channel, the stream won’t be visible, so it’s recommended that potential guests advertise their presence in advance to their audience.

The most disappointing thing is that the new feature won’t be available for those using YouTube on PC or Mac. This matters a lot, given that many professional streamers use third-party software to capture the video and then reroute it to YouTube. Those on mobile devices, with the freshly upgraded YouTube app which provides decent features for streaming, though, should be satisfied. On PC, they will be able to schedule the stream and then start it from a smartphone.

What do you think about shared livestreams? Do they often deliver the sort of interviews and talk shows you like to watch? How do you think they will perform technically? Share your opinions with us in the comments!


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