YouTube Music Is Full of New Improvements

Shari Lynn Kramer / 28 Apr 2022

YouTube Music Is Full of New Improvements image

Google has released the first part of March and February improvements for YouTube Music. Now, users can enjoy a renovated Radio with new shuffles and song remixes. Google has been intending to promote its apps further.

First of all, when selecting a song, the app will not generate an automated Radio as it was before. Of course, you will still have an option that allows you to auto-play your favorite tracks. The Family shelf also got some new features with a personalized mix and additional playlists.

Listen Again part on consoles and smart TVs will get rid of the duplicates that many users pointed out to the developers. New artists will be supported throughout the update. The developers’ team wants everyone to enjoy their time on the app.

Wear OS app got updated and successfully lets users shuffle their Downloads. Previously, you could only let the tracks play in a specific order of playlists.

Some design choices were also remade, and Radio shuffle got an updated algorithm that will help users find new music fast and effectively.

YouTube Music has some very interesting plans regarding podcasts. It has been in a challenge with Apple and Spotify for quite a long time, and recently, a document was leaked that stated some of the plans for attracting podcast publishers. Of course, it is not confirmed by the mother company Google, so right now, we can only guess the real intentions of the app.

It is nice to see YouTube Music doing improvements and letting the audience voice its problems. Google certainly has more in store for the rest of 2022. Hopefully, we will see more useful and exciting updates.

What do you want to see on YouTube Music? What other Google apps do you expect to update? Please, share your opinion with us in the comments below.

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