Whistleblower Frances Haugen Criticized Facebook CEO Actions

Shari Lynn Kramer / 03 Nov 2021

Whistleblower Frances Haugen Criticized Facebook CEO Actions image

Last Tuesday in Washington, a Facebook whistleblower highlighted the topic about several of the company's business practices, which negatively affect users. The event that caused the resonance occurred at the Web Summit in Lisbon. 

Mark Zuckerberg faced criticism from Company’s whistleblower Frances Haugen. She called for his resignation because previously he could not ensure proper security for Facebook users.

Online Safety Problem

According to leaked information from a former employee, the company ignores thousands of reports about user security issues. On Web Summit, a former employee also criticized Zuckerberg’s actions and his decision to shift the focus to investment in the metaverse concept. Frances Haugen expressed her opinion that Facebook would be better with a leader that cares about the safety of its users.

The reason for the Meta rebranding was a metaverse that promises innovation in a virtual environment. Many people have embraced this change as a way for Facebook to draw attention to social media and distract users’ attention from recent negative events.

Reply from Facebook CEO

Facebook has almost 3 billion monthly active users and is a huge influence in the social media area. In response to the rebranding, Haugen said that the Meta-related event was not valuable, and it’s shifting the focus away from real problems. The audience supported the Facebook whistleblower with applause in response to criticism of Mark Zuckerberg’s actions.

Regulators and lawmakers have also criticized the Facebook business practice, which wields enormous power in the digital market and abuses its capabilities. The head of the company and a small group of investors who have control responded to the criticism. They stated that the information provided by Haugen described a false state of affairs. What do you think about this situation? Will leaders take care of the security issue? Feel free to leave your comment below and share the article with your friends!

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