Twitter Shop Module: Buy in 280 Characters

Shari Lynn Kramer / 03 Aug 2021

Twitter Shop Module: Buy in 280 Characters image

Running your business on social media? You may think of Instagram or Facebook, but Twitter becomes a shopping platform as well. Its Shop Module, introduced this week, lets businesses showcase their products right in the profile, so they cannot be missed. Comfortable for customers, it creates even more possibilities for merchants.

Shop Module works like a carousel of products promoted by the business itself. Scroll through the ribbon and tap on the product that got you interested to learn more about it and possibly purchase. As you view the page in the official Twitter app, you don’t have to leave the app for shopping. The product pages open in the built-in browser, and if you decide to purchase something, you can do it like you usually do on your phone or tablet.

It’s hard to overrate this tool for a business that operates online. Not only does it allow you to sell your products online, but also to learn the customers’ behavior. Exploring customers’ engagement will enable businesses to adjust their advertising policy and focus on the most efficient measures. Watching people react has always been extremely important for business, and Twitter Shop Module provides just this sort of insight.

So far, the feature is in the testing phase. Only a few chosen American brands have access to it, so they have  already started promoting their products right on their Twitter pages. Along with technical aspects, there are relations between Twitter and businesses that will be shaped by a newly created Merchant Advisory Board. The businesses included will express their needs and views to Twitter directly. 

It’s not the first time Twitter tries to implement some shopping features. Its official article directly reminds of its attempts back in 2015. Though that attempt did not lead to any significant lasting result, now Twitter tries again.

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