Turning Photographs into The Sims 4 Characters Will Soon Be Possible

Lindsay Robertson / 22 Dec 2021

Turning Photographs into The Sims 4 Characters Will Soon Be Possible image

According to the patent owned by EA and approved in the fall of this year, players of The Sims 4 can expect AI technology to add an interesting feature to the game. With the help of this technology, it will be possible to upload images of real people and turn them into characters in the game.

Some players of The Sims may remember that there has already been a feature that allowed you to place a portrait of someone on a character model. Unfortunately, the feature didn’t work as well as expected and such creations looked quite terrible. Thanks to AI, the results you will get will be a lot more accurate, even though at the moment we don’t have any real examples to see what it looks like.

This new feature was developed by a team of specialists including the leader Igor Borovikov who already contributed to The Sims Medieval and The Sims 3. What is great about this feature is that it can be applied not only to faces but also bodies of characters. It means that if you will upload a full-body photograph, it will be possible to use the obtained parameters to create a more detailed and accurate character. Because EA is the patent holder for AI, it would be interesting to see if they decide to allow other games to implement this technology for character design.

We have to wait and see whether this feature will be fun to use long-term. Right now, The Sims has a lot of people in the modding community who enjoy creating unique environments and characters. Such an automatic feature may seem boring to them, but it may turn out to be the perfect solution for those who don’t like spending a lot of time creating characters.

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