TikTok Gets in the Middle of the Russian-Ukrainian War

Shari Lynn Kramer / 28 Feb 2022

TikTok Gets in the Middle of the Russian-Ukrainian War image

To get stuck in the middle of the war conflict definitely was not an intention of Chinese-based TikTok. Yet, the platform became an important place of communication between Ukrainians and the rest of the world. Ukrainian influencers continue to add videos they film from the war zone.

While the whole world is shaken by the horrific invasion of the Russian army in Ukraine, social media became the major source of news. Since Russian authorities can’t stop foreign social media as they do with their local channels, people gather there to send messages around the world.

Russian influencers who don’t share Putin’s views are trying to spread their thoughts as well, protesting against the war. Ukrainian people use TikTok to share videos and the current situation in Ukraine. Numerous Russian celebrities and influencers joined their forces to protest against Putin’s actions. Among them is the daughter of Dmitry Peskov, the press secretary of Vladimir Putin. She posted “No to War” on Instagram right after Russia attacked Ukraine. A few moments later her message disappeared. Singers, actors, artists, including fashion designer Svetlana Tacori, all blamed their president and urged them to stop the war immediately. TikToker from Russia with over 750 000 followers, Niki Proshin started posting videos and images from Ukraine right after Russia attacked the country. Answering his followers’ questions, he said that he wants to show that not everyone in Russia supports the decision of Vladimir Putin. After that, she showed the video of protests against the war that happened in St Petersburg. Some of his followers decided to post the picture with dark square instead of their avatars.

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