TikTok Brings In-Feed Ads and Add-Ons to All Users

Shari Lynn Kramer / 27 Apr 2022

TikTok Brings In-Feed Ads and Add-Ons to All Users image

TikTok continues to make sure that there is more interaction between brands that promote products on the platform and users of the platform. This time, TikTok introduced new interactive add-ons that help create more engagement with the audience of the app. The way it works is that users will be able to interact with ads posted by brands with the help of different visual elements, stickers, and popups.

According to the research conducted by TikTok, there is a much higher chance that users will buy certain products if they comment, like, or share posts featuring them. This means that the more engaged a person is with a certain product, the more likely they are to purchase it for themselves.

At the moment, the company has two options for brands to choose from premium and standard add-ons. The goal of the standard ones is to be less large in scale, so they are aimed to open conversations and drive more clicks. For instance, a voting sticker is a standard add-on that brings you feedback but also engages users with your products.

The premium ones are created to build a community and make people more familiar with the brand. For example, brands may use pop-out showcases, which means that they can present their selected products in the best light. The new features will surely be actively used by brands who want to increase their sales.

Just recently, TikTok has created a new CAP University where brands and marketing agencies can learn how to become experts at using the social media platform. The course introduced at the university lasts 5 weeks and is aimed to provide agencies with all the information they may need to become TikTok pros.

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