‘Take a Break’ Feature Arrives on Instagram

Shari Lynn Kramer / 09 Feb 2022

‘Take a Break’ Feature Arrives on Instagram image

A new feature, ‘Take a Break’ that has been announced at the end of last year will finally come to Instagram in all countries, including India. It will offer an option for users to create a reminder to take breaks from scrolling after some time, it is completely voluntary, but a lot of people should really consider it. Take a Break will add up to the existing Daily Limit feature; it regulates the amount of time you can spend on the app during the day. Youth platform We The Young has also joined the company to inform the younger audience about the update.

Instagram Head Adam Mosseri revealed in the interview last year how exactly the feature will work. It is fully optional, and users can set reminders for 10, 20, or 30 minutes, after this time a reminder, will pop up saying to take a little break from the app. After some testing in the UK, US, Ireland, New Zealand, Canada, and Australia, the feature will finally make its appearance in all countries.

Despite the function being optional, the app will suggest enabling the feature to the users who have been scrolling Instagram for a big amount of time. After that, the feature will ask you to take more breaks along with presenting some tips on taking your time to rest and reflect. Younger users will be the target of the feature and see the suggestions more often.

Following hard criticism from last year that involved big research that revealed the impact of Instagram’s feed on teenage mental health, Meta has decided to take action. The company actively wants to help younger audiences to reduce the effect of the app on their well-being. The feature is already up on iOS platforms and will arrive shortly on Android.

Will you use ‘Take a Break’? Do you think it will actually improve the situation? Share your opinion in the comments below.

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