Simple Connection Between iPhone and Android on FaceTime

Zachary Kandell / 21 Jul 2021

Simple Connection Between iPhone and Android on FaceTime image

Owners of iOS 15 can now connect with Android users via FaceTime in a few seconds. The new iOS 15 is already available for users as a beta version for the iPhone. The major feature worth trying is FaceTime’s extra possibilities. Not only iOS owners but Windows and Android users may enjoy video calls via this app.

You don’t need to have an iPad, Mac, or iPhone to connect to FaceTime calls. It looks like a desperate attempt by Apple to beat Zoom’s popularity, and it works. While pandemic is still on the daily agenda, Apple offers its users a connection with the rest of the world. And now, you don’t even need to have an iPhone. FaceTime is available for laptops that run on Windows and phones that run on Android.

While you don’t need an iPhone to use FaceTime, Apple still asks you to use the upcoming iOS 15 system. FaceTime will rely on its beta version, available for download. The video chatting app, in the meantime, will be working as Zoom or Teams of Microsoft. The app comes with a few more gifts, like grid view and scheduled calls. And don’t forget about SharePlay, the extra party service that Apple hopes to make popular among friends. The final version of iOS 15 will be available in the fall.

Using FaceTime on Windows and Android

To use the app, you’ll need a link. Your iOS owning friend or a family member has to send you the link to the call. You can receive it in WhatsApp, email, or text message. After you get it, click it. The link must be easily opened in the browser. You don’t need to download any additional apps to chat with others. Also, you don’t have to buy an Apple gadget to connect with people by FaceTime. However, keep in mind that you still can’t start the FaceTime video call if you are not the owner of an Apple product or account. Without the approval of the Apple owner, you will not be able to enter the conversation.

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