Ray-Ban Stories Smart Glasses Will Now Support Facebook Messenger

Zachary Kandell / 24 Dec 2021

Ray-Ban Stories Smart Glasses Will Now Support Facebook Messenger image

Ray-Ban Stories have been introduced not too long ago and quite heavily promoted by Meta. At first, the new smart glasses didn’t include a lot of features, so it is exciting to see that developers continue working on their products. The latest addition to Ray-Ban Stories is the ability to receive and send messages using Facebook Messenger. The information comes directly from the CEO of Meta, Mark Zuckerberg.

According to the CEO, the feature has already been developed and there will be plenty of other functions to look forward to in 2022. The glasses have been created in collaboration with the eyewear company Luxottica and it’s clear that it’s just the beginning for this product. Zuckerberg mentioned that it will be possible to use speakers, built-in mics, and an assistant when you want to send messages using this device. If you receive a message, it will be read out to you when you wear such glasses. Also, you can use an audio calls feature within Facebook Messenger.

The addition of the communication features brings the smart glasses to the next level. Previously, they were marketed as glasses that you can use to take photos with, but now it’s obvious that developers have other plans for their device. In addition to the new feature, the headphones of Stories have also been updated and it now allows tracking playback with voice and also controlling volume. You can now use a ‘hey Facebook, pause’ command instead of tapping the arm of your glasses, even though the latter is a lot more subtle. It would be interesting to see whether Meta manages to take this device in the near future.

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