PUBG: Mobile Will Soon Have a Collaboration With Black Lagoon

Shari Lynn Kramer / 23 Feb 2022

PUBG: Mobile Will Soon Have a Collaboration With Black Lagoon image

Yes, you’ve heard that right, the anime creators of Black Lagoon will have a collaboration with PUBG: Mobile somewhere in March of this year. During this collaboration, players will have an opportunity of getting voice cards and costumes of various Black Lagoon characters. Unfortunately, it is yet unknown what other characters (aside from Revy) will make an appearance.

More information about this collaboration is expected to be released by the official Twitter account of PUBG: Mobile. The website doesn’t offer many clues into what these skins will be aside from the fact that they will be “stylish and hard boiled.” But doesn’t really say much, since the whole anime can be described using those two words. Keep in mind that this collaboration will only make an appearance on the Japanese version of the game, despite the fact that many players from all over the world would love to play as Revy or other Black Lagoon characters.

If you haven’t watched the anime or read the manga, Black Lagoon follows Rokuro Okajima, nicknamed “Rock”, as he becomes a member of a team of mercenaries/pirates known as the Lagoon Company. They operate in Roanapur by smuggling goods in their 80-foot Elco-type boat called the Black Lagoon.

To be honest, there is no actual plot in this anime, but the short stories that are told in every episode are very good and the gunfights are simply amazing. So if you enjoy action-packed anime with lots of gunfights, you will definitely enjoy watching the Black Lagoon.

Have you watched Black Lagoon or read the manga? Are you excited to see it come to PUBG Mobile? Please, share your thoughts in the comment section. 

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