Pixel Perfection Achieved: Final Fantasy Remasters Update Enhances Nostalgia on Steam

Lindsay Robertson / 11 Feb 2024

Pixel Perfection Achieved: Final Fantasy Remasters Update Enhances Nostalgia on Steam image

The long wait is finally over for fans of the classic RPG saga. Square Enix has heeded the call of its dedicated community by rolling out a significant update to the Final Fantasy Pixel Remasters series on Steam. Revered for its storytelling and gameplay, Final Fantasy has held a special place in gamers' hearts for decades. The remastered versions of the first six titles initially left PC players yearning for the same experience their console counterparts enjoyed, but two years post-release, parity has been restored.

This update has brought more than just cosmetic changes; it's a love letter to purists and a warm welcome to newcomers. Die-hard enthusiasts can now bathe in the nostalgic bliss of the original "classic" font, a stone of contention since the remasters' debut. The new assistance features offer a customizable experience, allowing players to tailor their adventure by adjusting the amount of EXP, GIL, and Magic AP earned or even turning off enemy encounters if they wish to focus on the rich narrative.

Furthermore, the update's attention to detail extends to the sound and visuals, enriching the journey through fantasy realms. The option to battle any monster from the bestiary adds depth, and for those who prefer the original melodies, the classic background music selection is a sonic treat. Speed adjustments and the ability to skip cutscenes provide a modern touch while respecting the original's soul.

However, with every step forward, there's often a step back. Popular mods, painstakingly crafted by the devout modding community, have hit a snag following the update. This hiccup is a reminder of the delicate balance between preserving the old and embracing the new. The dedicated modders at Moogles & Mods are eager for assistance to help adapt their mods, ensuring that all personalized adventures are swiftly restored.

As Square Enix dangles a tempting sale on Steam for both individual titles and the bundle, it might be the optimal moment to embark on these timeless adventures or revisit them with fresh eyes. With the PC version now on equal footing with consoles, the Final Fantasy Pixel Remasters proudly stand as tributes to their legacy, inviting players to experience the magic once again, now with improved flourishes for an even grander quest.


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