Nintendo Switch's upcoming iteration is currently known by the codename: MUJI

Shari Lynn Kramer / 10 May 2024

Nintendo Switch's upcoming iteration is currently known by the codename: MUJI image

The excitement is palpable as the anticipation for Nintendo's new gaming platform builds, with an official unveiling expected within this financial cycle. The curtain has been raised on last year's fiscal results, coupled with the anticipation of encountering the Nintendo Switch successor in the upcoming seasons. Moreover, early insights into some essential elements and features have been surfacing, fueling speculation about the device's capabilities.

Recently, there has been an influx of information emerging from the Famiboards forums, owing to the valuable contributions from individuals who have access to privileged information at Nintendo. This latest tidbit involves the internal moniker for the anticipated Switch iteration: Nintendo Switch MUJI has emerged as the label for the forthcoming console.

Necrolipe, a Nintendo Universe editor widely regarded for their accurate Nintendo reportage, corroborates that MUJI is indeed the in-house term being used for the next-gen console and has been in use in select inner circles for a span of time.

What 'MUJI' represents remains under wraps. Historically, Nintendo's internal names have sometimes been indicative of a new direction or conceptual shift in the console's design or usage — think 'Revolution' for the Wii.

The essence of MUJI is currently speculative, yet Nintenduo presents an intriguing hypothesis. According to them, 'MUJI' could result from fusing two Japanese characters, generating the notion of 'without form' or 'unadorned,' suggestive of a foundation for innovation or customization. Another interpretation arises from a different combination of kanji, conjuring the phrase 'upcoming dream.' 

Regardless of its origins, it's evident that the upcoming phase in Nintendo's gaming narrative is unfolding, and it goes by the moniker MUJI.

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