New Snap Originals and Snapchat Collaboration with Cameo are Announced

Lindsay Robertson / 11 May 2022

New Snap Originals and Snapchat Collaboration with Cameo are Announced image

During a recent NewFronts presentation, Snapchat lifted the veil of secrecy and shared the stunning news of a partnership with Cameo, which lets you create celebrity videos. Thus, Snap advertisers will have a unique opportunity to collaborate with Cameo members, which will undoubtedly have a positive impact on their marketing strategy.

There are unprecedented opportunities for collaborations with celebrities. And even though some celebrities might reject you, a sensible message paired with a well-chosen celebrity will definitely go viral.

Cameo's earnings statistics and Snapchat's popularity point to the effectiveness of such an alliance. For example, Cameo's income for 2021 amounted to $125 million, while Snapchat is used by 332 million people per day. Also, Snapchat is launching a ‘Snap Promote’ feature that will allow you to easily promote content on the For You feed.

Many shows will soon be returning to Snap, including both old favorites and new ones, such as the new season of 'Charli vs Dixie' and a new series with Simone Biles. New programs will increase audience reach, which will make a cooperation with Cameo even more rewarding.

We will soon see a completely new approach to the development of Snapchat advertising. And if the partnership turns out to be successful, this trend will cover all similar apps.

Do you think the partnership with Cameo will bring more people to Snapchat? Which celebrity will have the biggest impact on advertising? Please share your opinion in the comments.

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