New Settlement Agreement by Apple: A Game Changer

Lindsay Robertson / 27 Aug 2021

New Settlement Agreement by Apple: A Game Changer image

The $100 million settlement agreement created by Apple has changed the basic rule of the App Store for all developers. Now they can contact you regarding your charging options that escape the cut from Apple. The new agreement was made by Apple and American app developers. It contains a $100 million payout from the biggest tech corporation. Apple also clarified the policy so that the developers who work on iOS can get in touch with customers after it provides permission, using the information they created in the apps. The developers can discuss payments out of Apple’s sight. This new agreement is the next step in the anti-steering company policy.

Although this change does matter to iOS developers, it is not that big as it might seem. Apple already introduced new rules in June within the App Store Guidelines update. The company allowed its developers to reach the clients without their guidance. Yet, back then, the developers still were incapable of discussing alternative options of payment with clients.

If the new agreement is approved, the developers would be able to easily contact their clients using the personal information they’ve gathered in the app. Still, many developers believe that Apple had to offer them what they were actually asking for. They want to notify users that clients don’t have to pay using the in-app payment system of Apple that takes up to 30 percent fee.

Meanwhile, a press release from Apple considers the new agreement as a generous gift for the developers. They praised the anti-steering change, hoping that the developers will connect users more freely. According to them, the developers can now exchange emails with customers outside of the app that runs on iOS. This way, they will not have to pay commission to Apple. However, users can decide to remain in the App Store and discuss business within it.

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