New Games on Apple Arcade (March 2022)

Shari Lynn Kramer / 30 Mar 2022

New Games on Apple Arcade (March 2022) image

Like any subscription-based gaming service, Apple Arcade is always updating its roster. In March 2022, it’s adding a bunch of titles again. Let’s see what new you can play on your Mac, Apple TV, or any iDevice if you subscribe! And here are the three games that Apple Arcade offers this March.

Shadow Blade+ is a platformer action game that leads you through adventures like a Hong Kong movie of the 1980s, with Bruce Lee’s shadow behind its shoulder. Levels are sophisticated, enemies are hard to defeat, and visuals are fantastic even by Arcade’s standards. Plus, there is a large selection of weapons that you can choose accordingly to the enemies you’re about to meet. This is what we loved about platformers back in the 1980s, so if you launch it and like it, that’s for long.

Monument Valley 2+ is one of the most iconic mobile puzzles. In the beautiful world of this game, among castles floating in the air, you solve puzzles and make your way through the realm of dreams. It’s not Arcade-exclusive, but the standalone version is paid, and not among the cheapest.

Finally, Alto’s Adventure: The Spirit of the Mountain is the next installment in the popular arcade series. A snowy ride with simple controls and beautiful visuals seems a perfect mobile game. The original title is not new (to say the least), but the remastered version feels as fresh as mountain wind. Neither it this one an exclusive, but a very pleasant addition to the roster.

Stay tuned: on April 1, we are to meet Pocket Build, a building simulator that lets you just build the town of your dreams! More titles are to come, as usual, and maybe there will be more exclusives. So, which of these games is the best title for March? Share your impressions with us and drop some other names from Apple Arcade in the comments if you please! And if you do, tell us what you love about them the most!

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