Netflix Adds Three More Mobile Games for Its Subscribers

Shari Lynn Kramer / 28 Mar 2022

Netflix Adds Three More Mobile Games for Its Subscribers image

As we know, Netflix is about more than video content now. Its gaming division has been around since November 2021. First, its roster was less than impressive, but now the streaming giant adds three more titles for those ready for more. The new games are already available for playing.

This Is A True Story is what show fans might expect, as it’s as narrative-driven as these series you are used to binge-watching. And as problematic, too. The puzzles the player has to go through emulate the hard life of a family in sub-Saharan Africa where drinking water is a real problem. Bringing awareness through games is no new, but it’s no reason to dismiss it. Even the name may remind you of This Land Is My Land where a Native American tribe’s life is shown in a similar manner.

 Shatter Remastered is, on the contrary, made for those into casual gaming with no narratives or stories at all. This is a remake of the popular Shatter, a brick-breaking game for PlayStation 3 (which was, in turn, inspired by Arkanoid and Breakout). Of course, even such a simple idea is now much more sophisticated, with advanced physics, boss levels, and bright colors.

 Finally, Into the Dead 2: Unleashed is the most Netflix of these three. AMC may have The Walking Dead franchise that seems as zombified as its premise, but Netflix has Into the Dead, a bloody slasher made with tons of imagination. Various weapons, tricky levels, and fantastic visuals (as for a mobile title) grant this a lot of interest.

 Unlike many of us expected, Netflix does not only feature games based on its IP. There are, for example, versions of iconic mobile games like Teeter as well (what we see in this triad with Shatter Remastered). Which of these games is the most interesting to you? And if you’re not on Netflix yet, may it be that its gaming division changes your mind? Tell us your thoughts in the comments!

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