Masterful Tactics: Elden Ring Player Astounds with Jar Cannon Strategy

Lindsay Robertson / 17 Jul 2023

Masterful Tactics: Elden Ring Player Astounds with Jar Cannon Strategy image

In the evolving world of gaming, players continuously strive to devise innovative strategies to outsmart their opponents. Such a mesmerizing moment was recently witnessed in Elden Ring, a game built on a foundation of competitiveness and cooperation. One player has taken the internet by storm owing to their impeccable use of the Jar Cannon weapon in a multiplayer duel.

The moment was shared by a Reddit user named Esbidee, who showcased their cunning plan to topple the host during a multiplayer match. Armed with the Jar Cannon, Esbidee took a strategic high ground, waiting patiently for the host and his co-op partner to cross a precarious bridge. The timing of the attack was nothing short of perfect, culminating in a shot that sent the host plunging to their untimely demise.

What followed next was a visual treat for the gaming community. Esbidee celebrated the hard-fought victory using the pose feature, with the phrase “Host Vanquished” proudly plastered across the screen. The lightheartedness of the celebration painted a stark contrast against the ruthless strategy employed moments ago, providing a wholesome gaming moment for the audience. Moreover, it gave viewers an opportunity to admire Esbidee's character choice – Patches, a notorious trickster in the Elden Ring world.

The gaming community showed clear admiration as players lavished Esbidee with commendations in the comment area. In the midst of the festivities, an intriguing recommendation captured the interest of numerous individuals – a feature akin to a death replay that would provide players with a better understanding of how they were defeated in the game. This, coupled with the awe-inspiring simplicity of the Jar Cannon strategy, sparked an enthusiastic conversation about the depth and creativity inherent in Elden Ring.

In conclusion, this incident is a testament to the endless possibilities that Elden Ring offers to its players. It not only highlights the strategic depth of the game but also emphasizes the importance of character choices and weapon selection. For those inspired by Esbidee and keen on trying out the Jar Cannon, remember it can be obtained after defeating the Demi-Human Queen Margot boss. Who knows? Perhaps your strategic genius could be the next talk of the town!

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