LinkedIn Enables Profile Links and Updates Newsletter Promo Options

Shari Lynn Kramer / 02 May 2022

LinkedIn Enables Profile Links and Updates Newsletter Promo Options image

What do we do on LinkedIn? Primarily, we represent ourselves and our professional abilities. They are often easier to showcase with external links, and now – finally – LinkedIn has enabled adding external links to user profiles. Now your potential contacts can visit your site right from your LinkedIn page and see what they want to see.

With the app or on the web, you can now add your website to your page. The form supports both the URL and the name of the site that will be seen by visitors. The link will appear in your profile right under the username and About section. The icon with an arrow after the link reveals it as an external link.

Another innovation in the profile is a direct link to your newsletter. Now you can place it in your profile, about the same way you do with your website. There is also the Subscribe button, so those interested can subscribe to your newsletter in one click or tap. Newsletters are now available in Company Pages and in Creator Mode for individuals.

Profile options are not the only new features to arrive with the latest update. The built-in video editor is now capable of trimming videos. Though it is still far behind dedicated apps like CapCut or Adobe Rush, this feature may still turn out useful for editing videos on the go. Anyway, if you really want to upload a well made video, you will prepare it in a standalone editor and upload the ready file to LinkedIn.

Last but not least: LinkedIn updated the analytics for group posts. Now you can see how your group posts generate engagement, and, accordingly, write them in another way or choose another time for posting.

Are you an active LinkedIn user? Which of the new additions do you like the most? Will you immediately add your website, and, if you haven’t started your own newsletter, will you think of it now? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section!

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