Insider Shares Info on Upcoming GTA V Updates

Zachary Kandell / 02 Feb 2022

Insider Shares Info on Upcoming GTA V Updates image

Rockstar insider shares the new information on the updates for GTA V. The source says that the new game improvements will amaze everyone. Eight years after the first release, GTA V continues to attract players with more features. The game was originally released in 2013.

The game was a huge success right from the start. Nowadays it is still popular among players. Rockstar is doing everything to keep the interest in the game. The new version of the game is called Expanded and Enhanced. It is coming in 2022. The major goal of the new version is to make the classic version of the game more advanced so players could play it on Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5.

According to the new leak, there will be more clothes in the game. In the original version, there are no great stores with clothes. Many players were complaining about it. We hope that there will be a wider choice of clothes. The leaker reveals that there will be a whole new category of clothing called Gen 9 Exclusive. It will offer stylish exclusive items. This is one of the possible bonuses that Rockstar may offer to Returning Players. Still, there is not anything particular about style or the meaning behind the name. To find out more details we have to wait until the game is released or Rockstar will feel generous enough to share information with us. We can only imagine Trevor in a scary butcher’s outfit, Franklin in ghetto style, and Michael could become even more elegant.

There are lots of rumors about upcoming positive changes in GTA V graphics. However, we expect to see more than advanced graphics. Clothing sounds like a great start for the new version.

Are you excited about new updates? Who is your favorite character in GTA V? Share your ideas on the new features in the comments below.

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