In the New Google Chrome Beta, there Are Hotkeys for Rearranging Tabs

Shari Lynn Kramer / 04 May 2022

In the New Google Chrome Beta, there Are Hotkeys for Rearranging Tabs image

What’s new in Google Chrome Beta 102? The most interesting new feature will accelerate browsing across your open tabs, because now you can do it without a mouse, using just your keyboard. If you are an active Chrome user, you have probably learned a lot of hotkeys; now it’s time to add another one to your weaponry.

In short: to move a tab up, you need to hold Shift and Ctrl and press an arrow up button. The same is for moving a tab to the right, except for now you’ll need a down arrow. On MacBooks, you will also have to hold the Fn button along with Ctrl and Shift. The same applies to certain Windows laptops with unconditional keyboard layouts.

Selecting the right tab works the way it used to. To switch between tabs on Windows, you can use Ctrl-Tab or (if you don’t want to go the full circle) Ctrl-PgUp or Ctrl-PgDn. On Mac, you need to press Command and Option keys and then right or left arrow. With these shortcuts, navigating between your open tabs gets faster.

This method of rearranging tabs has long been present in the Linux version. Now it works on Mac and Windows too. So far, though, it’s only available in the beta version and hasn’t made its way to the stable release.

Using keyboard shortcuts accelerates the working processes for power users. It may seem more familiar to just move tabs with your mouse. But if your hands are busy typing, you will need to move one hand away from the keyboard, reach out for the mouse, grab the necessary tab, and drag it where it belongs. If you have really many tabs opened at the same time, choosing the right tab may be a problem.

Have you tried this method of rearranging tabs right after reading this? Or did you have to install Chrome Beta to try? How long did (or probably will) it take you to get used to this method? Share your impressions with us in the comments section!

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