Google Pixel 7 Will Come with Its Own VPN Service within Google One. What Is It?

Shari Lynn Kramer / 17 Oct 2022

Google Pixel 7 Will Come with Its Own VPN Service within Google One. What Is It? image

If you have been watching the Pixel 7 event, you might have noticed that one of the selling points of the new Pixels is the built-in VPN that comes as a part of Google One. What is it? And how does it make your browsing more secure? Let’s take a closer look at this feature that has been around for longer than you may think.

Google One, as you know, is the subscription that Google offers to its users as an enhancement of the services they can have for free. With Google One, you can have more cloud storage, advanced backup features for your phones and tablets, and some extras, one of which is a native VPN by Google. VPN (Virtual Private Network) is the service that substitutes your actual IP with that provided by the service and encrypts all the data you send and receive.

There are limitations, though, that make Google One VPN just a privacy boost. Though your real IP is hidden, your mock one is based on the country you’re in, so you can access local resources. You cannot change the country; so, if you want to see the American Walmart site while on vacation in Europe to make a purchase and schedule the delivery on your return, Google One VPN is no help. Yet there are flexible options, like bypassing it for some apps or snoozing for five minutes.

Usually, Google One VPN comes with Google One subscription plans that start with 2 TB on Google Drive (and with $9.99/month). As for the new Pixels, their owners will enjoy Google One VPN for free. It’s not clear whether this feature will arrive on earlier Pixels (though no doubt it will stay for the next ones). A bonus for Pixel users is the ability to disable all Internet activity unless the VPN is on. Thus, there will be no chance to jeopardize your privacy at all.

Are you already using Google One? And the VPN? How does it perform in your case? If you buy Pixel 7 or 7 Pro, will you be using this service? Tell us what you expect from it in the comments!

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