Google Makes Sure Your Search History on iOS is Safe

Lindsay Robertson / 19 Jul 2021

Google Makes Sure Your Search History on iOS is Safe image

This Thursday, Google has shared its plans to release the extra tools to the iOS app. They will improve the protection of search history on your device. Besides, with the new tools, one tap of the button and you will be able to delete your search.

Upcoming features will limit the My Activity access in the app to other users. My Activity keeps the search history and is known as the Web and App Activity section. With this option enabled, the user needs to provide extra information, including two-factor authentication and passwords, to enter the search history. If you share your gadgets with other users, you will be able to protect your privacy using the new service.

Another tool Google shared on Thursday is the so-called “quick delete”. It erases the last 15 minutes of your search data once you tap the specific button in the Menu. This tool was announced by Google early in May, and now you can use it on your iOS device. Android users will be able to try it in a few months.

Security and Privacy Checkups are both coming to iOS, according to the post. They will provide more information about the third parties that have admissions to your account. Users will be able to change them, deleting suspicious services.

Upcoming changes are an attempt to restore advanced security for numerous iOS apps created by Google. The company tries to build a solid reputation as a trustable developer with highly secured products. For several months they neglected updates for some of their apps and now want to get back in line with its good old competitor Apple. According to the latest announcements from Google, they are planning a release similar to Apple’s rules section for Play Store in 2022. Although it may be highly appreciated by Google’s users, Apple launched the original feature back in 2020.

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