Get Ready for Action-Adventure: Knuckle Sandwich RPG Launches this November

Lindsay Robertson / 09 Oct 2023

Get Ready for Action-Adventure: Knuckle Sandwich RPG Launches this November image

After years of anticipation, the award-winning indie RPG Knuckle Sandwich is set to complete its development journey next month. The surreal game has garnered attention for its unique blend of humor, turn-based battles, and WarioWare-inspired mini-games, creating a universe that is reminiscent of, yet distinct from, popular titles like Undertale. 

Knuckle Sandwich catapults players into a journey filled with unforgettable characters and interesting plotlines. The gameplay takes place in Bright City, a bustling island paradise concealing a sinister secret. Here, players guide a young man through his inaugural day as he tries to find a job, mingle with the locals, and unravel the mysteries surrounding a bizarre gang and a zealous cult. 

But what sets Knuckle Sandwich apart is its distinctive combat system. In a traditional RPG style, the battles are turn-based, with a twist. Each skirmish is played out via mini-games, which range from rhythm and memory puzzles to quick-time events and shoot-'em-ups. These games vary for each enemy and playable character, bringing a fresh and whimsical quality to every encounter.

The entire phenomenon that is Knuckle Sandwich is the brainchild of solitary game developer Andy Brophy. This indie title took years to develop due to the challenges that come with solo game development, but it has been worth the wait. With indie show awards under its belt and a successful Kickstarter campaign in 2018, Knuckle Sandwich truly exemplifies what fascination and persistence can accomplish.

In conclusion, whether you're a fan of RPGs or just a gamer looking for something different to play, Knuckle Sandwich is definitely worth checking out. This unique indie gem is supposed to launch on November 23, 2023. Prepare to experience the peculiar charm of Bright City and brace yourselves for an adventure unlike anything else. Knuckle Sandwich is available for pre-order on Itch and Steam. Hop in and get a taste of this exciting indie phenomenon!

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