Fortnite Announces Final Event for Season 7 Chapter 2

Zachary Kandell / 07 Sep 2021

Fortnite Announces Final Event for Season 7 Chapter 2 image

The 2nd Chapter of Season 7 was generous on multiple events and collectibles. Now it comes to an end. Yet, Epic Games can’t let this season disappear without the last event called “Operation: Sky Fire.” Players can’t wait to see the last epic entertainment in Fortnite’s Season 7.

The “operation” takes place on September 12, the last day of Chapter 2, according to Epic Games. Players expect the new season to start on September 13. This final event offers a team of up to 15 players to become a strike union and get to the Mothership. Since the theme of the season was space invaders, this makes sense. Players who sneak on the Mothership have to send the IO’s message to the aliens. You have the last chance to say goodbye to the Trespasser NPCs, aliens who abduct players, and spaceships across the map.

If you want to receive the Battle Pass rewards, you still can do this before the start of the operation. However, you will not be able to take the Superman quests. According to the developers, popular quests like Vox Hunter and LeBron James quests will still be available in Chapter 2 Season 8.

As for the main theme of the new season, it is still a mystery. While players expect to see Chapter 2 Season 8 on September 13, after the “Operation: Sky Fire” is over, it is still unknown territory. There was no official announcement from Epic Games, all we know is bits of details leaked. For example, the information about new skins from Kevin the Cube and Naruto has not been confirmed by Epic Games. Another leak mentioned the Kunai weapon that may appear in Season 8. As for Kevin the Cube, many fans wait for the epic return of this inanimate object. The rumors started once players began to notice orbs on the island. However, it may be something else entirely. Many players believe that the new theme may be somehow connected to Egypt. Let’s wait and see.

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