Final Fantasy Goes Weird

Shari Lynn Kramer / 23 Mar 2022

Final Fantasy Goes Weird image

Final Fantasy’s 35th anniversary is here and its fans turn the game into something unimaginable and unforgettable. The new version of the game is called Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin, and it looks like the developers tried too hard. The new game is far from the original concept and has little to do with the Final Fantasy franchise.

It was created by Team Ninja, known for its Dead or Alive series, and published by Square Enix. Apparently, developers decided to refresh an old concept of the series. This is not the first revision of popular games made by this studio. Back in 2018 they already had experience with Fire Emblem Warriors. One year later they provided updates for the Dead or Alive Xtreme 3, concentrating their attention on the women who play beach games. In 2020 they revealed Nioh 2, changing the atmosphere of the original game to darkness and chaos.

This time, they tried their best to offer a fresh view of the Final Fantasy universe. The player turns into Jack, who has to fight monsters and explore numerous sides around the map. Jack likes to listen to Limp Bizkit, and can’t live without the Bluetooth headset. He looks like the male version of a Barbie toy (not Ken, though) if Barbie was always pissed off. He can easily chop off the head of any monster that stands in his way. However, it still looks rather like a parody of classic video games. Announced as an action RPG, it gets the parody vibes, and not in a good way.

Yet, the game is dedicated to all your favorite aspects of Final Fantasy. You can use Jack to go back to all your beloved places and feel the good old times. You can either use magical or physical attacks against monsters.

Are you excited about the game? Do you want to play it? You can express your thoughts about the new Final Fantasy in the comments below.

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