Facebook Launches New Prayer Tool

Shari Lynn Kramer / 12 Aug 2021

Facebook Launches New Prayer Tool image

The social media leader, Facebook has introduced a new prayer feature, which has been adopted by some religious leaders. They see this as a new opportunity to bring the faithful to social media. Some people fear for their privacy and question the profitability of this innovation.

Prayer Tool Purpose

The prayer tool idea is to bring together the power of common prayers to provide support for hardships of life to each one who needs it. For example, now you can create a post asking people for prayers, to which others can respond by clicking the button that says “I prayed." This feature is currently unavailable in the main feed, but all Facebook groups can try it.

According to verified information from a company spokesperson, Facebook started testing this tool in the US in the form of ongoing support for religious communities in December. The social media giant also mentioned that the Covid-19 pandemic attracted a big number of religious people to their social media to connect. So they decided to create a brand new tool for their interaction.

Religious –°ommunity Thoughts

Religious leaders differ on this innovation, but most view it positively. The majority agree that the feature can be very useful in such a difficult time, even if the company's motives are aimed at making money by attracting new people. Facebook, in turn, said that advertising does not apply to prayer posts.

As you can see, this is a rather controversial topic, but I think that it is an important issue to discuss. What do you think about this new tool? If you have any thoughts leave them in the comment section below or share this article with your friends!

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