Baldur's Gate III Offers An Epic 100-Hour Adventure for Players

Shari Lynn Kramer / 04 Jul 2023

Baldur's Gate III Offers An Epic 100-Hour Adventure for Players image

Baldur's Gate III, the highly anticipated video game, has set tongues wagging in the gaming community, particularly due to its extensive playtime. The RPG, which recently launched its early access version, is expected to offer a full-blooded playthrough that could take a whopping 100 hours.

The revelation was made by Larian Studios CEO. In a recent interview, he hinted at the extensive nature of the game, stating that a typical playthrough could last about 100 hours. This is based on just one character in a single-player game, without taking into consideration the multiplayer aspect or various gaming styles.

Furthermore, the early access version playable now includes only the first act, offering a relatively succinct 20-30 hours. Conversely, Baldur's Gate II required players to invest close to 75 hours for a normal playthrough, showcasing the vast, expansive experience provided by its successor.

This ambitious project seems set to deliver a rich, immersive role-playing experience that could last for 100 heady hours. The prolonged gameplay suggests a deep narrative, elaborate quests, and extensive game features. For RPG enthusiasts, this might come as welcome news, with promises of long hours delving into enchanting gaming worlds. However, it is yet to be seen how players will respond to such a time investment requirement in the current gaming landscape. Regardless, with Baldur’s Gate III, Larian Studios continues to redefine the boundaries of role-playing games.

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