Among Us Turns into a First-Person Game

Shari Lynn Kramer / 13 Dec 2021

Among Us Turns into a First-Person Game image

Among Us will get a new incarnation soon. The game will become a first-person experience with the help of virtual reality.

It’s official: Among Us will migrate to the VR dimension. The decision was announced by innersloth during the Game Awards 2021 ceremony.

From the leaked screen captures, we’ve learned that the interior of the Skeld will still be the principal arena. The familiar insides of the spaceship will remain perfectly intact.

The only difference is that every important object — including the strategically located numpads — will be interactable. 

As usual with AR, you’ll be presented in the game as a couple of floating grabby hands. A tiny, but cool nuance: you’ll be wearing the space mittens of the exact same color that your Crewmate (or Impostor) has.

The canonical multiplayer will also stay the same — 4-10 people can join the lobby and enjoy their detective shenanigans in space.

For this version, there will be two compatible devices:

  • SteamVR.
  • Oculus Quest 2, aka Meta Quest 2.

The port is a surprising, yet pleasant idea. The players will finally get to explore the interior of the Skeld and touch its controls and gadgets. As the studio commented, it’s a:

“3D experience that places players in the heart of the Skeld and retains the core mechanics fans love.”

Other latest Among Us news include the earlier arrival of the Crewmate Edition. Originally scheduled for January, it will hit the shelves on December 21, costing $30.

There will be two extra editions as well: Impostor and Ejected. Apart from the physical copy of the game, they will include a whole bunch of loot: blankets, stickers, beanie, exclusive wallpapers, and of course an elegant box to contain all that.

It seems like you'll soon need to physically engage with your hands to repair Skeld. Or eliminate the Crewmates. What features do you think would enhance the VR adaptation of the game? Share your thoughts with us!

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