Among Us Features a LoL Cosmicube within Arcane Promotion

Zachary Kandell / 17 Nov 2021

Among Us Features a LoL Cosmicube within Arcane Promotion image

As League of Legends celebrates its tenth anniversary, various collaborations outside its regular universe take place. Along with the Arcane premiere, LoL characters appear in games where you might never expect them. And while Fortnite, like a postmodernist black hole, absorbs every significant cultural phenomenon, Among Us seemed too self-sufficient for experiments like this. Yet here we are.

Among Us soared to fame during the period of widespread lockdowns, even though it was released well before that time. The premise of the game revolves around a spaceship crew's effort to identify the impostors whose goal is to eliminate the humans and hijack the vessel. Success for the human crew hinges on their ability to uncover all the impostors; failure to do so means victory for the alien deceivers. Despite its straightforward graphics, the game gradually attained a level of fame that enabled it to partner with major franchises such as League of Legends.

The collaboration will not affect the gameplay, being purely cosmetical. New Arcane Cosmicube (a bundle of cosmetic items introduced recently) contains costumes of Jinx, Vi, Jayce, Caitlyn, Heimerdinger, and the Enforcers. These changes include armor, suits, hair, and even details like mustaches and goggles.

The Cosmicube with all these items will remain available until December 31. After that date, it will become unavailable. Yet those who have purchased it will be able to use their cosmetics as long as they want. Of course, the items may return to the store one day.

While League of Legends has been participating in crossovers for quite a long time (the recent list includes Fortnite, PUBG, and – beyond gaming – Fenty by Rihanna and Compartés Chocolatier), for Among Us, it’s the first experience of this sort. Will players embrace the idea of their favorite game becoming the place where universes collide? Can it affect the simple yet immersive gameplay? And – the most important – do we need another metagame? Let’s talk about it in the comments!

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