Unlocking Creativity: The Inspirations Behind the Indie Game Flock

Shari Lynn Kramer / 17 Jul 2023

Unlocking Creativity: The Inspirations Behind the Indie Game Flock image

Indie games have continued to push the boundaries of creativity and imagination in the gaming industry. One such game that caught the attention of players is Flock, developed by Hollow Ponds. Flock is an upcoming title that combines a creature collection with a whimsical flight simulation, offering a unique and relaxing experience for players. In this article, we will delve into the inspirations behind Flock and explore the creative process that shaped its development.

The Influence of Real-World Experiences

The Influence of Real-World Experiences

When it comes to creating a game that resonates with players, real-world experiences often play a crucial role. Flock's creators, Ricky Haggett and Richard Hogg drew inspiration from various sources, including their own hobbies and interests. Haggett mentioned that birdwatching, which he enjoyed during his teenage years and still dabbles in as an adult, influenced the game's design.

Reflecting on this, Hogg shared, "I'm making a list of every bird I've seen this year, which is interesting to do in the context of making this game." It's fascinating to see how personal experiences can shape the development of a game, infusing it with depth and authenticity.

Familiarity and Fantastical Creatures in Flock

While Flock primarily features an array of airborne creatures, the game also incorporates terrestrial and oceanic animal designs. Hogg aimed to strike a balance between familiarity and whimsical creativity, creating creatures that are relatable yet slightly askew. As he described it, "We have a creature in the game that really looks like a radish, even though it moves like a tadpole. I hope players find that fun and relatable."

This combination of familiar and fantastical elements gives Flock its unique charm and invites players into a world where they can discover remarkable creatures in unexpected forms. Finding joy in the familiar while exploring imaginative settings is a cornerstone of Flock's intended experience.

The Transition from 2D to 3D

The Transition from 2D to 3D

Flock serves as a spiritual successor to Hollow Pond's previous game, Hohokum, which featured a 2D art style. The transition from 2D to 3D presented a challenge for Hogg, who was initially unfamiliar with modeling and Unreal Engine. The team worked closely with technical artists to achieve the desired aesthetic and atmosphere.

Hogg dedicated considerable time to mastering the art of hand-painting the game's visuals, including the depiction of sunlight filtering through trees. Despite the learning curve involved, both directors are delighted with the current art style of Flock, as showcased in the gameplay trailer.

Discovering the Joy of Exploration

Flock aims to tap into the players' sense of discovery and wonder. The game's open design, with hidden secrets waiting to be uncovered, encourages prolonged engagement even as the player becomes familiar with the environment. The developers wanted to recreate the thrill of encountering rare birds or discovering entirely new creatures.

The joy of exploration lies at the heart of Flock, inviting players to immerse themselves in its low-stress yet captivating world. With pockets of dense areas to get lost in and a wealth of secrets to uncover, Flock promises an experience that will keep players engaged and enchanted.

Conclusion: Igniting Creativity through Flock

Igniting Creativity through Flock

Flock brings together inspirations from real-world experiences, familiar yet whimsical creature designs, and captivating exploration into a unique indie gaming experience. By infusing the game with personal interests such as birdwatching, the developers have created a world that sparks curiosity and encourages players to embark on an imaginative journey.

As Flock continues its development, players eagerly anticipate the release of this enchanting title that brings together the beauty of nature, whimsical creature companions, and the joy of exploration. Keep an eye out for Flock, and prepare to be captivated by its fusion of creativity and relaxation.

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