The Best Skateboard Games for PC: Shred Virtually in Style

Lindsay Robertson / 27 May 2023

The Best Skateboard Games for PC: Shred Virtually in Style image

For those who love the thrill of skateboarding but prefer to kickflip from the comfort of their computers, we've compiled a list of the best skateboard games for PC. These incredible titles cater to players with varying preferences – from realistic simulations to arcade-style action. Set your wheels in motion as we delve into these outstanding skateboarding masterpieces.

1. Tony Hawk's Pro Skater Series

The Tony Hawk's Pro Skater series is synonymous with top-notch skateboarding games and remains a fan favorite on PC and other platforms. Boasting an extensive roster of professional skaters, each title has its unique features – from creating custom skate parks or challenging friends online in multiplayer modes. Featuring physics-based gameplay, meticulously designed levels, and iconic soundtracks, it offers an enticing blend of technical moves combined with light-hearted fun in an immersive environment that keeps players hooked for countless hours.

Skate Series (EA) game

2. Skate Series (EA)

Electronic Arts' highly acclaimed Skate series has been celebrated for its more grounded approach to skateboarding simulation compared to the Tony Hawk series. By implementing realistic mechanics and intuitive controls via a "flick-it" system and incorporating real-world skate spots – it genuinely captures the essence of modern street skating culture. Additionally, features like video editing tools and sharing options spotlight the creative aspects commonly found within the real-life skateboarding community by allowing players to form their video parts showcasing fantastic virtual skills.

3. Session

Session emphasizes detailed realism alongside intricate mechanics where players control individual feet on their virtual boards using both analog sticks independently. This innovative system provides heightened immersion as every trick demands precise timing and finesse. Developed by indie studio Creature Studios, Session also boasts historically accurate New York City skate spots, ushering players into a world of concrete perfection where honing their street-skating finesse becomes exceptionally satisfying.

4. Skater XL

Skater XL harnesses physics-based gameplay for a free-form experience that allows players to express themselves through various tricks and creative movements. With its intuitive controls imitating real-life skateboarding motions and sandbox-style levels filled with ramps, rails, and obstacles – the game grants gamers a platform to showcase their talents on virtual boards. Additionally, it features mod support to further customize gaming experiences, expanding upon options offered by its diverse selection of legendary skate spots and pro skaters.

OlliOlli Series game

5. OlliOlli Series

OlliOlli games usher in a rich 2D side-scrolling experience heavily focused on fast-paced gameplay and trick execution. By melding arcade-style action elements with technical trick combinations, they provide an exhilarating spin on the traditional skateboarding genre. While both OlliOlli titles possess unique offerings (for instance – OlliOlli: SwitchSTANCE expands upon available tricks from the first game), their common attributes include addictive mechanics, pixel-art visuals, expansive trick lists accompanied by an enthralling soundtrack ensuring hours of non-stop entertainment.

6. Skateboard Park Tycoon

Taking an unconventional approach to skateboarding games is Skateboard Park Tycoon – placing you in charge of constructing and managing your thriving skate park empire. Balancing elements like park design, upgrades, hiring staff, or accommodating skaters' demands are crucial to successfully turning your venture into a renowned destination for skateboarders worldwide. As your park gains traction, players must grapple with challenges tied to the business management aspect while catering to their visitors' desires by providing exciting features for them to shred across creatively.

7. Grind Session

Grind Session delivers smooth controls and enjoyable combo-based gameplay, fostering a balance of skill and arcade gratification among players. Although slightly overshadowed by the Tony Hawk series, it remains a solid skateboarding title worth experiencing for PC gamers. By championing both real-world locations as well as customizable skaters, each with distinctive abilities, Grind Session offers an engaging and exhilarating experience comparable to the legends of its genre.

Shaun White Skateboarding game

8. Shaun White Skateboarding

Featuring the legendary snowboarder-turned-skateboarder Shaun White, this unique title incorporates an action-adventure story mode where players shape the world around them using incredible skateboard maneuvers. This innovative mechanic twists environments and warps public spaces into elaborate skate parks – placing emphasis on exploration and creativity. Coupled with its sophisticated trick system and distinct visual style – Shaun White Skateboarding stands out as an exciting offbeat addition to your PC game collection.

9. Skate It

Originating from EA's popular Skate series, Skate It brings over the famed mechanics to create a spinoff that promises a no-frills skateboarding experience devoid of unnecessary distractions. By focusing primarily on its core physics system that replicates genuine skate movements within PC gameplay, Skate It appeals to players seeking pure skating bliss without added complexities. Whether you're perfecting your skills at classic real-world spots or tackling challenges in a rewarding career mode – it delivers an authentic atmosphere compelling enough to satisfy skateboard enthusiasts.


This exceptional list of top skateboard games for PC caters to various playing styles while offering countless hours of virtual entertainment for both hardcore skaters and casual fans alike. Choose from realistic simulations such as Session, fast-paced arcade-style experiences like OlliOlli, or even ambitious park management ventures in Skateboard Park Tycoon – regardless of your preference, you're destined for shredding glory through these unparalleled digital masterpieces!

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