Go VR on PS4 With These Titles

Shari Lynn Kramer / 27 Apr 2021

Go VR on PS4 With These Titles image

If you are already a lucky owner of a PlayStation VR or consider buying it, you probably wonder whether any decent titles will be released for the headset this summer. And the answer is definitely yes because there are at least four exciting titles already available or to be released in the next few months. So let’s find out what brand new games you should play on your PSVR.

Iron Man VR

It remains a mystery what was taking so long for the video game industry to release a game that lets you play as Tony Stark. The Washington-based studio Camouflaj is ready to change that with their new PSVR game that goes by the name Iron Man VR and will be available for download later this year. Finally, all of the comics fans can try on the flying suit of one of the most popular superheroes in the Marvel Universe.

The developers claim that the game feels as realistic as possible, and the VR headset helps it a lot. The controls are designed to affect the movements of the suit directly, and you feel as you are actually wearing it. Mostly you use boosters in the palms to fly between mission objectives and enemies but to play the game you really don’t have to be an aviation expert – so you won’t be punished for bumping into obstacles on full speed.

MLB The Show 19

The main problem for any studio brave enough to make a baseball video game is that the majority of players are not hardcore fans, so they tend to lose interest when forced to play a full baseball game or especially an entire season. And turning the game into some kind of a simple sports arcade isn’t a clever solution either. But Sony seems to have found the way out of this deadlock as its new MLB game offers a few interesting new modes.
These modes should attract even more casual players. One of them lets you recreate some of the most famous moments in the history of baseball, and the other lets you participate only in the most important games of your club. All that is meant to be seen through your VR headset, so the game offers an immersive experience as it lets you see through the eyes of a real baseball star.

Everybody's Golf VR

Everybody’s Golf is another Sony big sports franchise that gets a new version on the PSVR. And the problem of attracting casual gamer is solved here in a similar manner – the game has a lot of bonuses and modifiers that make it feel like an arcade. Still, playing it in the VR feels like you are on a golf course with all your clubs and unlocked caddies used for moving around.

The controller is used to swing your club, and you may practice a little bit before landing a real hit. The path of the club is shown so you can adjust your subsequent hits to be more precise.

Days Gone

And again, a game by Sony – but this time it’s a zombie shooter. You play as a biker who travels through Oregon overtaken by mutants and gangs. Different types of enemies require different approaches: you can deal with undead by simply shooting them, but more intelligent gang members may need to use stealth abilities and to think strategically.

The team developing the game claims that you need a little more than just run and shoot to fight off the mutants successfully. That probably means the game will offer a lot of tactical opportunities for you to use including stealth and explosives, and the AI will be smart enough to attack suddenly and cut you off from any means to escape huge mobs of hungry mutants.


It seems that this year will see more than just one or two major title releases, so put on your VR headset and prepare to be in the center of action all the time. Whether you’re into sports, enjoy comics about superheroes or like zombies, you can find something you like to play on your PlayStation

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