Decoding The Wilderness: Top Ten Games Like Rust You Must Explore

Zachary Kandell / 05 Nov 2023

Decoding The Wilderness: Top Ten Games Like Rust You Must Explore image

With its immersive survival elements, intense strategic co-op play, and gritty post-apocalyptic world, Rust has earned a bevy of captivated fans across the globe. However, to continue experiencing the thrill Rust delivers, exploring games with similar themes and gameplay mechanics can be an exciting venture. In this light, let us delve into an exploration of ten of the most captivating games similar to Rust in terms of their survival and open-world elements.

1. DayZ

The first on our list, DayZ, takes the survival genre to a whole new level. Developed and published by Bohemia Interactive, this game consists of a unique blend of PvP combat, dynamic storylines, and robust crafting systems that closely mirror Rust's hallmarks. Set amidst a deadly zombie-infested post-Soviet Republic landscape, DayZ tests survival instincts in a harrowing open world. With a heavy emphasis on interaction, scavenging, and decision-making, DayZ is an ideal pick for fans of Rust's demanding survival dynamics.

2. ARK: Survival Evolved

ARK: Survival Evolved allows players to immerse themselves in an open world teeming with dinosaurs, technology, and hostile environments. This MMO survival game strikes a balance between cooperative strategy, crafting, and survival in the face of unrelenting danger. ARK's server system provides a strong sense of community similar to Rust, wherein strangers can either be allies or enemies. ARK's unique flair for dinosaur-taming mechanics presents a refreshing take on the traditional survival genre.

ARK Survival Evolved

3. 7 Days to Die

7 Days to Die combines the best elements of FPS, survival horror, RPG, and tower defense games into an irresistible apocalyptic sandbox. This game sees players navigate their way through a brutal, devastated world while fighting off hordes of undead. The game's key mode entails a seven-day cycle where everyday survival becomes progressively harder. The game closely mirrors Rust's challenging survival mechanics, building systems, and cooperative gameplay.

4. The Forest

The Forest offers an engrossing single-player experience with the option for cooperative play. Players find themselves surviving in a dense forest after a plane crash, only to discover that cannibalistic mutants inhibit the land. Crafting shelters, weapons, and other survival items, along with exploring the dark, mysterious caves for resources and clues, echoes the intense survival and exploration nuances of Rust.

5. Conan Exiles

Set in the savage lands of Conan the Barbarian, Conan Exiles demands players to survive in a desolate, harsh world while building their kingdom. Whether it’s creating your fort, surviving sandstorms, or defending yourself against hostile factions - the game taps into the survival instinct to the core. Players also have the freedom to choose between playing on servers with others or venturing through the unforgiving landscape solo. The atmosphere closely emulates the arduous survival conditions found in Rust.

Conan Exiles

6. Subnautica

Subnautica diverges from the post-apocalyptic trend and positions players in an alien, underwater world teeming with wonder and danger. The gameplay revolves around exploring the vast oceans, surviving against monstrous marine life, and unearthing the planet's numerous secrets. The game uses exploration and survival mechanisms that make it similar to Rust, albeit in a refreshing setting under the sea.

7. The Long Dark

A survival game that tests players' endurance and resource management, The Long Dark is a challenging yet rewarding experience. Set in the frigid wilderness of the Canadian North after a global disaster, each decision here can mean the difference between life and death. The game’s enthralling story, naturalistic survival elements, and limited resources mirror Rust's unforgiving survival atmosphere.

8. Miscreated

Miscreated is another post-apocalyptic survival game, much like Rust. In this game, players find themselves in a severely mutated world trying to survive against a multitude of threats, including hostile players, creatures, and the game's dynamic weather system itself. Like Rust, crafting and building play a significant role in survival, making this an intriguing option for Rust devotees.


9. Green Hell

Green Hell is a grueling struggle for survival in the Amazon rainforest. The game’s realistic survival mechanics, including hunting, crafting, wound treatment, and sanity management, ensure that players are pushed to their very limits. This game carries similar consequences, and dining echoes to Rust, making it perfect for players seeking a humid twist to the intense survival gameplay.

10. SCUM

Rounding out the list is SCUM, a game that takes realism in the survival genre to new heights. The game's Metabolism system includes intricate bodily functions, making survival more complex and gameplay more immersive. In terms of graphics, mechanics, and immersive world detail, SCUM provides serious competition to Rust.

There you have it! Whether it's surviving amidst dinosaurs, undead hordes, alien aquatic life, or the chilling winter wilderness, games like Rust offer a captivating distillation of adrenaline-fueled gameplay, strategic combat, and grim survival mechanics. Enjoy gaming!

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