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Get Lucky is a delightfully simple and attractive free parkour-style arcade game featuring a young, beautiful girl who needs to go down the runway and reach the swimming pool but cannot manage without your help. Download Get Lucky and escort the beauty to the fun pool party where she will meet her Prince Charming. The Get Lucky mobile game is available for Android and iOS devices. You cannot order Get Lucky for PS/PS4/PS5 or play it on other game consoles, but you can enjoy Get Lucky on PC if you install the Android app emulator.


Although the cartoonish Get Lucky characters are faintly grotesque, the clothing and other game elements lack detailization, and the colors tend to run wild at times, it is still much fun to look at. The entertaining and dynamic gameplay makes up for the somewhat too unsophisticated aesthetics and makes Get Lucky a worthy game to play – even if just once.


As soon as you download Get Lucky, you will see that there isn’t much story or action to this game other than control the pretty girl’s passing to the swimming pool area and help her complete simple tasks along the way. Your role as a player is to ensure the girl collects enough hangers to assemble the best possible pool outfit and stays clear of the various obstacles that can slow down her progress. If the chick has failed to find the appropriate swimming costume by the time she reaches the swimming pool area, the bouncers will deny her access, and the player will have lost the game.

The controls used in this free download game are straightforward and intuitive: all you have to do is swipe your finger left or right across your smartphone screen to help the main character avoid different runway barriers blocking the passage. Bumping into those will impede the girl’s clothing progress significantly.


Unfortunately, the unfussy and linear gameplay and complete lack of any storyline development do not add much value to the game. The replayability of Get Lucky is rather low, primarily because it does not offer many incentives to players, has only one way to win, and is riddled with annoying in-app advertisements. You can install Get Lucky for free and enjoy this game once, after which there is very little left to do here.


Get Lucky is a colorful mobile game by HOMA GAMES perfect for teenage players looking for an uncomplicated and fun gaming experience that they can enjoy on the go. The game is dynamic and entertaining, but its lack of storyline and the repetitiveness of level scenarios make it a one-time thing for most users. You do not need to preorder Get Lucky as it is a game you can get from Google Play or App Store completely for free any time you like. If you prefer to have this arcade experience on your computer, make sure you install the appropriate emulation app first. There is no Get Lucky for Xbox or other consoles, so do not trust scammers that offer to sell those to you.

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